About Us



My coffee journey at first did not start off as your typical coffee lover. I did not drink coffee on a regular day to day basis. In fact, I could go days without it. But that soon changed when I met my husband. He drank coffee every morning to wake up, and enjoyed a cup or two during the day with friends and family. As we all know we humans tend to fall into each other’s habits and routines and soon after I could also not start my mornings without a cup of coffee.
Due to life circumstances my husband went to work in the United states over a period of three years where he was gone for 8 consecutive months of the year. This of course was not an ideal period for our relationship since we had to do long distance for such a long period of time. With God on our side and advanced technology we managed to video call each other multiple times throughout the day. Every morning when he had to wake up for work he video called me in bed, with a cup of coffee in his hand! I still remember that image like it was yesterday! Now remember this was his way to wake up every morning so the conversation only started to flow better once the cup was finished. Bare in mind the time zone difference between us. He had just woken up and I’ve already had two or three cups in for the day! Imagine the different energy levels! Nevertheless it was always the most special time of our day. 
In 2019 I went to visit him in the States and soon I was drinking coffee with him every morning for a few weeks. On my time there we travelled to a few states and grabbed coffee from various gas stations, drive thru’s, restaurants and we always found ourselves rating the quality of coffee from 1-10 as if were experts ! We even tried some of the most talked about coffee shops and drive thru’s. Trying all these different brands, blends and brews we got to talking about our own ideas, dreams and visions for the future. An idea stuck to us, and made an imprint on our plans for the future... he came back months later and we started to work on our idea but realised it’s not that simple.
In 2020 he went back for his final year and on his return his family suggested we start an online coffee/ gift store. At first we thought it wasn’t worth it, since it’s not the plan we have envisioned for ourselves. But, we soon realised it’s a way to start and work on our original dream. 
That being said we have a strong love for coffee, not only for how it tastes and how it gets us through the day, but for how it unites and brings people together. Even when your not particularly craving coffee, you’ll drink a cup because of the vibe and company it brings between people.
Drinking coffee together is especially special for my husband and I that is why we aspire to create that same feeling between people. With your loving support we’ll continue to do so. 
Thank You for enabling us to live our dream. 
We are based in Centurion Gauteng